Backwater Valve Cleaning, Hamilton, ON

We offer backwater valve cleaning in Hamilton to ensure that your waste water system is working its best.

Backwater Valve Cleaning in Hamilton, Ontario

Your backwater valve is designed to protect your home against sewer surges coming from the main water line. When activated, a backwater valve closes to prevent sewage from coming back into your home, which otherwise would potentially create a very messy situation. Over time, your backwater valve may begin to malfunction if it isn’t properly cared for, but at Rock Bar Construction, we offer backwater valve cleaning that will ensure your waste water system in your home is working as it should.

With our backwater valve cleaning service, we will do a full assessment of your sewer line, as well as provide any replacement parts needed to ensure that everything is in top shape. We will also remove any debris and buildup and make sure your backwater valve and sewer lines are free and clear from anything that may pose a threat. Scheduling backwater valve cleaning annually is recommended, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your home is protected against sewer surges and other sewer line problems.

At Rock Bar Construction, we are fully licensed and bonded and have over 35 years of experience providing quality service to the residents of Hamilton, Ontario. We are committed to helping home and business owners achieve clean water for daily use, and backwater valve cleaning is just one solution we provide. If you aren’t sure of the last time you had your backwater valve cleaned, or if you require other sewer & drain services at your home or business, contact us today to schedule an appointment.