Excavators, Hamilton, ON

When you need excavators for a demolition or excavation project in the Hamilton area, count on our experienced team to give you the best results.

Excavators in Hamilton, Ontario

A typical large project, such as construction of a hospital, university, subdivision or hotel, begins with site preparation. Even the most ideal location will need plenty of work to be able to get started with a foundation that the rest of the building will rely upon. Here at Rock Bar Construction, we have the excavators and operators you need to begin this vital phase of your project.

We have completed full site work for a variety of projects, including roads, sewers, water mains, and the construction of commercial and municipal buildings. Our excavators have been a part of the first phase on projects, such as hotels (Holiday Inn and Best Western), educational facilities (Niagara College and McMaster University), and more (Juravinski Hospital, Royal Botanical Gardens, etc.). You can be confident that whatever the scope of your project, our excavators and operators are up for the task at hand.

We have been serving the needs of the Hamilton, Ontario area for more than 35 years. We have worked on both residential and commercial projects to be sure they were completed on time and successfully. We are confident that whatever you have getting started that needs excavators, we are your best choice for the results you desire.

Contact us today to discuss your project and how our excavators and other construction equipment can be put to work with top-quality operators who will expertly handle your demolition or construction project. We can schedule a site evaluation and answer any questions you may have about our equipment and company.