Backhoes, Hamilton, ON

We keep our backhoes in top condition and our experienced operators can handle whatever project you have at your Hamilton home or business.

Backhoes in Hamilton, Ontario

Here at Rock Bar Construction, we have a wide variety of construction equipment that will make quick work of your projects. Whether you need some excavation at your home or something large scale, our backhoes and expert operators will give you the results you desire. Backhoes can be used for several tasks, including breaking up asphalt, moving building materials around a job site, taking care of demolitions, and tackling landscaping projects.

It is not enough to have quality backhoes. You also need operators with years of experience so that your project is completed on time and with the results you desire. Our fully licensed and bonded, family-run company has over 35 years of experience with even large-scale projects. We have done work for Holiday Inn, Best Western, Niagara College, Juravinski Hospital, Royal Botanical Gardens, McMaster University, and many others.

We put our backhoes to work on a variety of projects, including doing water line replacements as part of the project to replace lead water pipes that are in thousands of homes in the Hamilton, Ontario area. If you suspect your home has lead pipes, contact us for an evaluation and information about the city’s program. We have already completed more than 500 lead water line replacements, so you can be confident yours will be handled properly and professionally.

If you need backhoes to tackle a small or large project at your home or business, you’ll find us to be your best choice. We keep our equipment in top condition for the reliable and timely completion of your project. Contact us today to learn more.